Blogger journalism ethics beta trial
Note to Bloggers: this prototype is a beta. Answer these questions regarding your content and share the results with, make suggestions and help refine the first version of an ethics metric that will improve journalism.
Bloggers and on-line news editors please use these criteria to rate your news content and provide feedback.
We welcome your inquiries and feedback - so contact us and let us know what you think.
1. Facts: is your content supported by established facts (science, law, peer reviewed,...)?
2. Context Preservation: degree to which the information you present in your blog maintains original meaning
3. Deception: do you or your sources provide misleading information?
4. Source Quantity: do you consult more than 2 independent sources?
5. Source Veracity: ostensible or documented credibility of source
6. Key Detail Omission: degree to which pertinent information is omitted, altering the meaning of the story
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