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The Economic Crisis has caused widespread hardship to 501(c)(3) organizations that rely on corporate and private tax-deductible donations. We have been hit especially hard since we fall into the category of charitable organizations that have a political slant. Other charitable organizations such as "stop hunger", "child welfare", "animal rescue", and other humanitarian causes tend to fair better during economic downturns.

Nevertheless, we have to press on and continue to call out poor journalism plus push for solutions that comport with our "Fix News Now" campaign. We are gaining traction and need to survive the present financial crisis with your help. We implore those of you who see a benefit to what is trying to accomplish, to show your support by making a modest donation to help us maintain our presence and effectiveness in raising awareness of egregious news media misinformation.

Please don't let our voice be silenced by the effects of the fiscal crisis that developed under the last Administration. We're one voice in the struggle to improve news media, oppose hate radio and bring back journalism that has integrity and public service at heart. Please make a donation and spread word of our efforts to your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors.

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