The Fairness Doctrine Alternative

CeaseSPIN advocates using Consumer Protection labeling to guide public awareness of journalism product quality.
The Fox "News Distortion" case creates wide ranging news product quality that underscores the importance of News Quality labeling. News Quality product labeling that describes journalism ethics quality and compliance can help consumers understand how the news media produced the content. Fore example, did they follow ethical journalism practices or just create a news story that follows a preconceived narrative? Each newsmaker can use a third party News Quality Rating system to self assess their quality ranking and make this information available at the time the news is presented.
A News Quality Rating System and Content Labeling approach, follows a tradition of consumer protection product labeling, that is very familiar to Americans. The News Quality Ratings Systems will be designed to be a newsmaker self assessed system, non-government managed, constitutional and anti-censorship.

A News Quality Rating System benefits consumers and provides a constructive pathway for news media to serve the public interest.

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