Not Primarily To Amuse & Entertain...

We are reminded of the importance of the news media through the words of the slain President John F. Kennedy. We seem to have fallen so far from that period in history. For your appraisal, we offer a view of the Huffington Post's query of Neil Cavuto's motives. We hope you will be moved to sign the petition for a news quality rating system to improve journalism and restore an ethical framework for journalists to follow.

(from the Huffington Post) A clip from Your World With Neil Cavuto raises many troubling questions. Questions like: what is a serious news show doing interviewing The Apprentice contestant Omarosa, circa 2008? Why is Neil Cavuto pretending she is an authority on the Presidential transition period? Why are any of these things happening? Is it something we did to anger a vengeful God? Look for answers to these and many other fascinating questions on this afternoon's edition of Your World With Neil Cavuto, where special guests The Pussycat Dolls will detail the current liquidity crisis and explain what a credit default swap is through their use of smut and spastic choreography.