If not now, when?

CeaseSPIN.org agrees that ethical behavior is inherently affected by this type of business. This unfortunately means more bad news for journalism down the road if citizens don't take action soon. Obviously, the News Quality Rating System is the perfect counter weight to this kind of "rigging the system" strategy.
Is Abrams, in reading the current trend in journalism, in essence opening a talent agency to sell friendly trustworthy news personalities, to the highest bidders, to act as spokespersons for corporate interests on news programs? If so this is an alarming development for the field of journalism. If you don't believe that this is possible, read their "
Mission Statement".

Abrams Research: Dan Abrams Launches Media Strategy Firm
(excerpt from Huffington Post article)
Working on media strategies with businesses could raise ethical red flags for journalists who were required to be detached and objective about the subjects they covered. Mr. Abrams said the company would "bend over backwards to make sure that there are no conflicts or ethical issues that arise."
He said he planned to broaden the network of experts beyond traditional journalists, employing media analysts, bloggers and others who might not operate under such stringent rules. He said he was especially interested in connecting bloggers with businesses that had trouble dealing with online media.