NRO organizes, spreads misinformation to fight media reform

We've been alerted that there is a group that is gathering the usual flock of extreme conservatives to maintain the status quo of blathering infotainment media. In as much as we support the Constitutional tenets of free speech and a free press, we don't want the current situation maintained while it fails to extract the appropriate public interest obligation from FCC licensees. The American public is not being fairly compensated for use of the public airwaves. This needs to be addressed. We want a "News Quality Rating System".

They employ the usual harsh tactics of fear, falsehoods and dire fortune telling to gather supporters. They have a portal of Obama hit pieces that cry out for fact checking and make a good case for having a "News Quality Rating System" that consumers can use to separate misinformation from information.

So we provide this information for your amusement and to let you know a bit about how the opposition is positioned. Be warned, however, that they use a "kitchen sink" approach that serves up some very distasteful falsehoods.
The following information comes from their
NRO website:
"Imposition of some form of the Fairness Doctrine likely will be one of the Democrats' agenda items for the first 100 days of the new administration. It's important that conservatives begin working now to stop it. Waiting until Inauguration Day to get geared up is too late. By that time the Fairness Doctrine Express will be at full steam- wavering Democrats will be pressed to support the new Democratic president, weak-kneed Republicans will want to display comity, the mainstream media will not be saddened to see talk radio annihilated and much of the public will be too enraptured by Obama's Camelot inauguration to notice or care."
- Peter Kirsanow, National Review Online
...and they have their petition

So we hope that you'll pull together with us and push our solution into the mainstream.