We ignore Mr. Moyers' warning at our own peril

Bill Moyers, the father of Media Reform, updates the cause. His warning is nothing short of chilling. We are imperiled even beyond what today's conditions bear out, if we don't act. We must engage our fellow citizens. The citizen activist needs to be reborn and amalgamate. There shouldn't be any doubt that we have a lot of work to do. Mr. Moyers' poignant words, "...as journalism goes, so goes democracy...", beseeches us to act. There are many Media Reform advocacy organizations attacking the problem from several angles: consolidation, diversity, public interest, etc., all important and deserving attention and resources. CeaseSPIN.org is pushing for a news quality rating system. It is a novel approach that brings a new weapon to the battle. We hope that you will donate to CeaseSPIN.org to fund our assault on media's decline. Listen to Mr. Moyers' update on the Media Reform movement and when you have finished, remember that we need your support and we need you to tell a friend to learn about our advocacy and fund our cause. Thank you.

...worthy of a week long discussion?